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Zulu works with many Kiwi companies, both big and small...

Zulu works with many Kiwi companies, both big and small...


WellFit - Enterprise E-commerce System

Zulu was adapted into WellFit for their online shopping system that allowed their client base to purchase product from them anytime, anywhere. One of their larger clients was based in Canada, therefore Zulu was adapted into the French language for those users specifically.

A range of advanced features were incorporated including reporting, integrated with 3PL, integration with their internal ERP system and the additional functionality of individual branch logins and product returns handling.

This sytem was primarily used for increasing the ease of use of online ordering for their customers as well as giving WStar a more automated sales system.

Boating & Outdoors

When Boating & Outdoors were suffering with a drop in online sales and a change in business model, Zulu was adapted to meet their several requirements. The site was heavily revised and implemented an array of features to help improve the users experience. This included a new 'used boats' section, where boats from all the members of Boating & Outdoors could be viewed by the public in a single place. Thus giving more potential for dealers to sell stock through having their boats listed.

The site also integrated a gift voucher system, competition entry system and dealer finder system, which helped generate more sales for the individual members of the Boating & Outdoors group.


Fonterra had a branch off of their main business called 'Fonterra Grass Roots Fund'. Zulu was adapted into a suitable shopping site that allowed schools and charity groups to purchase various promotional products and get them shipped to their school.

Furthermore, Zulu was setup so that orders were automatically synchronised to a 3PL company to handle the order.

Counties Racing Club

Zulu transformed how Counties Racing Club did numerous things. Many parts of Zulu were integerated including: a new website, online bookings for motor racing & events, membership management for horse racing and car racing, sales and payment functionality, health and safety induction systems for their race circuit.

Many features were integrated into a centralised copy of Zulu that allowed Counties Racing Club to automate their processes and save money. Not to mention, it opened the opportunity for them to generate more revenue via online ticketing & membership sales.

NZ Association of Cosmetic Dentistry

NZACD setup Zulu to handle their membership database. From their previous installation on another platform, NZACD found the system not operating to their standards and requirements. Therefore Zulu was adapted to meet their specific requirements in the way of billing, members login, event bookings and renewal of memberships.

NZ Institute of Safety Management

NZISM had Zulu setup to help manage their very large membership database. From renewals and new applications, through to grading and management of membership billing. Their previous providers system was not providing a reliable and effective solution, therefore Zulu was setup to work specifically how NZISM required it, thus eliminating very quickly, the errors the previous system had.

NZISM has since moved all their systems into Zulu, including their website. Zulu allows members of NZISM to sign in, manage their membership subscription and also access relevant events upcoming, downloadable resources and information to help with their career.

After realising my business was hitting a ceiling that stumped growth, I created Zulu, and since expanding my own business, I have integrated Zulu into other businesses to help them relieve their bottle-necks and increase their sales.

I see so many companies thinking they need to 'advertise' to make more money, or 'hire more people' to increase their sales, but many aren't aware of many time staking tasks hindering their growth that can be automated!

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