Sales & Invoicing

Create & share invoices easily.

Easily create and share sale invoices. Track payments too. Plus integrates with Xero seamlessly.

  • Sales Tracking
  • Point of Sale Interface
  • Advanced Reporting
  • One-click export to Xero®

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Share invoices

Easily share your invoices:

  • Send via email
  • Export to Xero®
  • Send via email

Once payments are received, you can easily allocate them to each invoice; so you know whose paid and who hasn't.

Zulu integrates with

Track payments

Receive payments and track whose paid and who hasn't.

  • Allocate money to invoices
  • Specify reference, payment type & date
  • Automatic Xero® feed for fast reconcilliation
  • Part-payments / lay-bys

If you don't yet have an accounting system for accepting payments, Zulu can collect and track whose paid and who hasn't. If you do use Xero® then payments are automatically synced with your account!

The sales invoicing tool is setup to help make it easy to create invoices that can be shared easily with others. Just simple

It is a core feature that links with many other features Zulu offers, from invoicing for projects to billing an in-store purchase via the point-of-sale screen.

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