The mission & vision of Zulu...

The entire mission of Zulu revolves around utilising the web to better unify and manage a business with the effortless power of technology. Our site calculates and store millions of data records related to businesses and operations 24/7. It gives customers a portal to access data anywhere, easily and efficiently, as well as the ability to give up 'control' on their business and let Zulu handle some of the lifting.

Most business owners don't fail because of the business itself, but more so themselves not have the capability or focus to manage a business (be it they have little to no time, a busy social life, kids etc etc)... Zulu helps lift some of the burden off the business owner by having a central access point for their businesses client, sales, HR information.

As most business owners are focused on doing what they do best, they often forget to or fail to properly work on the business as a whole. Therefore bottle necks occur, which bottle neck the businesses operations and put a 'cap' on how well the business can ever perform.

Zulu has many features and modules that help free up bottlenecks that businesses end up finding themselves stuck with. For example: Zulu Timesheet easily records your staffs hours and breaks, so that at the end of the week you can print / email your payroll for processing, no need to sit with a calculator and add everything up. Zulu Quotes gives you the ability to create full, detailed quotes online ready for online signing by the client, saving time rewriting quotes, adding up costs, asking the client to print & sign before sending back etc.

Zulu was developed by Matthew Reid and his team at RAZOR Web Design over the past several years as a tool to help businesses grow efficiently online. From Matt's own experience of running and growing a successful business (with now over 230 clients), and solving management issues, the core fundamental technology the business worked with was utilised to actually build businesses itself! Therefore Zulu's beginnings are not just from a 'look what technology can do' point of view, but more so 'look how we can solve these business issues with technology'.

Below are quick explanations of Zulu's features...

Sales Software
Zulu sales allows you to create and share invoices with your customers easily. If you're a small business and don't have a point of sale or invoicing software. Zulu is a great invoicing tool that links with many other Zulu features from Inventory to Quoting, so that you can have all of your sales in one place. If you use Xero, you can easily export your sales to it with a single click.

Quotes Software
Easily create detailed quotes, from your laptop to even your cellphone and share them instantly with your client. Zulu Quotes allows you to have your client easily sign the quote online without any need to print and scan quotes back, saving lots of time on you and your clients behalf! All quotes calculate each quoted figure and automatically calculate the deposit required. Once signed, create a deposit sale and project in one-click. Once you've completed the project, your quotes remaining value and any extras can instantly be created into a sale, ready for the client.

Point of Sale
If you run a mobile coffee business, or are a suit tailor and want to create a sale on the go on your tablet, Zulu has a simple, yet very detailed Point of Sale screen that allows you to create sales easily via a touch interface, no need to type out items and pricing, just touch what the client requires and your sale is created on the fly.

Product Inventory
Instead of using an Excel spreadsheet to track your inventory, use Zulu. With automatic stock management and linkage with many other of Zulu's great features (like sales, quoting & projects), Zulu's Product Inventory saves time and improves accuracy of stock management and tracking. Every movement of stock can be tracked from sales to stock deliveries.

Tasks & Projects
Track labour spent on tasks for your clients and easily create a sale invoice at the end of the month to share with the client. Zulu automatically calculates and creates sales to share with clients showing total labour spent on each project and a breakdown of costs for each task performed. If tasks and related to projects, you can also link in expenses so a full project can be tracked down the smallest expense. Project reporting allows you to view and analyse project information including time spent (both billed and unbilled) as well as what has yet to be completed. Zulu's project and task tool is suitable for EVERY service business and is catered to help accurately track labour and bill clients correctly without loosing track of labour and missing on unbilled revenue.

Zulu helps with time management...

If you feel your business is suffering with time management then Zulu can help. We all have the same amount of time, it's just how we use it and find ways to better use it. Saving even one minute a day will save you 6 hours a year in lost productivity. So imagine saving an hour a day on conventional methods being replaced with Zulu's great features? It would free up time to do things that actually make you money!

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