About Zulu

"Zulu was built to improve my business, after struggling to grow, struggling to spend time with my family - I made it my goal to use technology to automate how I do things, and thats why Zulu is here. To help improve your business and your lifestyle. - Matt Reid

The Zulu Story

Zulu was created by RAZOR Web Design back in early 2011 as a website content management system and ecommerce platform.

With years of development, Zulu was then evolved into a business tool that didn't just help track and document important information, but manage day-to-day business logistics.

This to start with included tracking tasks and managing delegation of jobs between staff members. This quickly expanded...

Within 6 months many other features were added including tracking expenses such as billable items and then creating actual invoices for them that can be sent to the client after being exported with a single click to Xero®.

The realisation occured that the system was very effective in saving time, literally hours a week. Preceding this RAZOR Web Design developed and tested the system further into a more general business tool that essentially any business in any industry can utilise effectively.