Product Inventory Management

Simple and effective product management for small/medium businesses selling and distributing product. Track stock, cost of goods & more.

  • Simplifies your stock management
  • Store all key data in one place
  • Better plan & forecast your stock
  • Access & sell anywhere

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product stock database system

Inventory Database

Easily add / import your stock with Zulu. A powerful system encompasses all the core information surrounding your product from it's pricing information all the way through to dimensions and weights.


With Zulu's website feature you can sell directly to customers online and all information is carried over to your online store. Saving you a tonne of time in manually setting up another ecommerce platform.

Point of sale

With Zulu's point of sale feature you can sell in-store direct to customers. All your sales channels running seamlessly through Zulu, saving you time and more importantly money in the process.

Sales Order

Put it on order for customers. Easily quote, order and invoice customers for your inventory, without double-handling data using another system.


Zulu’s product and inventory tool is a simple, must-have module that gets rid of your messy spreadsheets and replaces them with a tidy, organised product information repository that also links seamlessly with quoting, billing and your website if you’re selling online!


Simple, yet powerful features...

Attributed Products

Create multi-attributed products that allow you to easily and quickly generate product variants in one simple click. Full inventory allows you to track stock for each individual variant. Great for clothing / fashion / electronics & more...

Links To Your Website

With Zulu’s built-in full ecommmerce module, you can easily sell your inventory online with ease. Stock levels and many other features make your ecommerce process seamless, sales and customer data is automatically synced into Zulu.

Manage Returns

If you have returned product, Zulu lets you track and manage how that product is returned. Including whether it is disposed of or put back into stock for sale/use.

stock attributed product management system
Multi-zone Stock Inventory Management

Advanced Stock Tracking

Batch Management

Zulu has an advanced batch management system that enables you to easily store and track batches, meaning you can keep an eye on stock expiry dates and better manage retail / movements of batch products. Includes split & breakdown functionality.

Multi-location Stock

Zulu's advanced inventory system allows you to create multiple locations within the stock management system, meaning your stock can be allocated to various locations (warehouses, stores) easily.

Zone / Bay Tracking

Alongside the multi-location functionality within Zulu, you can also allocate stock to various 'zones' within a specific location. Easily locate stock in racking systems / bins / bays. Print location Barcodes for quick stock locating.