Create Quotes Online

Sign, Sealed Quotes Online

Why send paper quotes and wait for them to be 'emailed' back? Zulu makes quoting so simple.

  • Stores signature for future reference
  • Easily track current, expired quotes
  • Instant notification when signed off

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From quote to project sign off

Simple one-click functions that take your quote to a project, then to a final invoice. It all starts with a quote.

  • Easily start projects from signed quotes with one-click
  • Easily attach terms of trade
  • One-click create a deposit invoice and final project invoice once complete

Easy for your clients

Printing, scanning and emailing is now old-school!

Simple, 3 step process:

  • 1Create the quotation
  • 2Send the quote to the client
  • 3Client reads and signs online

If your client prefers to sign the invoice in the conventional way, the system allows you to easily attach signed files (PDF's for example) to the quote and marked it off as signed.

The quote tool is one of my favourites and worked wonders in my business. Not only did it mean I could do quotes from home or even overseas, but I could get the client signed off and ready to roll without having to wait or continuously hassle them for scanning and emailing me back completed copies.

Why waste time with paper-based quotes? Online quotes are signed by my clients in most cases now, and most clients love the idea of signing online! It's easy for BOTH parties!

Matt Reid, Founder