Online Timesheet

Easily Record Staff Hours Online

Process payroll and get accurate data from staff, saving you money and improving accuracy of staff performance. Great for teams of 4 or more.

  • Staff login and clock-in / clock-out within seconds
  • Ability to report on staff performance over a period of time
  • Track sick-days, annual leave and bereavements
  • Works on all major tablets, smartphones & computers

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Simple Payroll

Paper timesheets are a thing of the past.

With the other great features in Zulu, you can manage the entire day-to-day process for your staff from clocking-in to input of time invested in tasks throughout the day.

  • Track over-time
  • Track unaccounted time
  • Compare performance between staff
  • Identify potential issues with staff motivation

Digital tracking of time records

Conventional paper based timesheets are now a thing of the past

Zulu Timesheet tool allows your staff to easily clock-in and clock-out, with oour advanced daily schedule you can also track their daily activity to compare their productivity over a period of time.

The forms tool allows anyone to create data capture forms in a matter of minutes. These forms are easy to share via a simple link you can email to clients, or easily embed the form on your website.

Why use old fashion paper forms, which require filing? Store your forms digitally and access them anywhere without the hassle of sifting through folders of paper!

Matt Reid, Founder