Visitor Management System

Record Visitors to your office with ease

Simple reporting features built-in.
Works easily on any device such as iPad, Tablet, Laptop, Touchscreen.

  • Easy One-Click Sign-in
  • Simple Reporting Features
  • Multi-location Tracking
  • QR Sign-in Feature

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QR-code contactless sign-in feature...


Use the QR code function or setup a tablet at your main entry

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Simple Visitor Register,
Without Paper

Runs off a Tablet, Laptop or Touchscreen. Reduces cost, ensures health & safety compliance.

  • "Who are you visiting" feature
  • View current & historical movements
  • Setup multiple locations (all within one login!)
ipad guest book

Easy for your visitors...

Simple, 4 step process:

  • 1Press 'Sign In', enter contact details
  • 2Press 'Confirm & Sign In'
  • 3Click 'Sign Out'
  • 3Enter surname, confirm 'Sign Out'

Don't put your business at risk. With our secure system, your data is safe here in New Zealand and is backed up daily. Meaning you're not at risk of losing important data / visitor logs that you may need in the future. This system can be used for contact tracing too.

Independant Software With Privacy In Mind

Zulu is managed by a local, private Kiwi business.
Not big-tech, not the government.

  • Your visitors data is safe in our database
  • Data is easy to manage and delete if needed
  • Data is stored here in New Zealand, not off-shore

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The visitor / guest book system we setup is super simple, and super effective. Throw out that pricey visitor book that no one fills in, replace it with a simple, easy-to-use touchscreen solution that means your visitors can sign in and out in seconds.

A great feature is that you can report with this system and see your most busy periods, tracking variances in staff productivity and output comparable to the number of visitors / contractors on-site. Plugs seamlessly into Zulu's other great staff timesheet features.

Matt Reid, Founder